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Kings Cross Minibus Hire with Driver
Kings Cross was originally a rundown town and commonly known as a red light District. Nonetheless, all this changed in late 19th century when Kings Cross underwent some major renovations to make it the advanced city it is today. The town is even a lifeline to London due to the Kings Cross railway line facilitating train transport to the larger metropolis.  
As Kings Cross minibus hire, we want to show you the new Kings Cross and the many attractions confined within it. There is so much to do and explore that getting by on public transport will actually rob you of precious time; when all you needed is a convenient Mercedes 16 seater. We are making your travel around town easy by providing minibus hire with driver packages.  
Things to Do in Kings Cross 
Rising from ashes, today Kings Cross has over 50 newly constructed buildings, about 10 established public squares and 20 streets that came up from the regeneration process. Such abundance means plenty of exploration opportunities. By providing minibus hire with driver, we take away the driving responsibility and let you enjoy more of the city. 
The Eurostar  
This is one of the delights of living or visiting Kings Cross to see the Eurostar which was voted as the fastest railway line connecting London with Paris and Brussels. The main station in Kings Cross is a magnificent construction, watching the high-speed trains come in and out in intervals. Our minibus hire will get you to the station and wait as you explore the entire station. If you planned a stop at Kings Cross while heading to Brussels or Paris, why not try out the Eurostar? 
The London Food Lover 

This is actually a tour through the finest eateries in Kings Cross facilitated by a friendly and charming guide. If you love all things food, you will be delighted to learn about the origins of the cuisines favourite to Londoners, and a bit of architectural history of the buildings that have popped up. Taking the Food Lover tour is a good idea since the guide will leave you tips for finding the best eat-out joints as you stay and enjoy Kings Cross.  
The Harry Porter Shop  
For the Hogwarts lovers, this is a chance to get a souvenir of your favourite Harry Porter character before going back home. The shop is located on Euston road just a few minutes from the main railway station, so our minibus hire driver will be glad to make the pit-stop. Go inside and sample the magic wands, book of spells and get a photograph taken of your visit.  
The British Library 
This library is famous for two things; mind-blowing architecture and a huge collection of cultural heritage from all over the world. It is said the library has over 2000 years’ worth of cultural material from over 17 countries (African countries like Cameroon and Mauritius included). This is the right place to be for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of both Europe and Africa.  
Events in Kings Cross 

1) Izzy Bizu Pop Concert, The Scala, Kings Cross (27th Jan 2016) 
2) London A Cappella Festival (Family Events), Kings Place, Kings Cross (30 Jan 2016) 
3) Sonica Kathy Hinde Art Expo, Kings Place, Kings Cross (5th-6th Feb 2016) 
4) Ensemble Eroica Classic Music Concert (Mozart, Beethoven and Berg), Kings Place, Kings Cross (9 Mar 2016) 
5) Big Ups Punk Concert, The Lexington, Kings Cross (30th Mar 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
All our minibus rentals are sourced from top vehicle brands; expect to see several Volvos, Ford Transit or Mercedes buses. We have been in business for years providing minibus hire in Kings Cross services at pocket friendly prices; we are going to provide a Kings Cross Minibus hire driver for you, so no need to think about who drives each day. Visit our minibus hire in Kings Cross website to interact with our friendly customer care team online.