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12-14 Seater Minibus Hire

Kings Cross – 12 -14 SEATER MINIBUS 

Our Kings Cross minibus hire has buses of many different sizes to suit the needs of our clients. With a 12-14 seater minibus, you can easily take a group of friends to see a concert, movie or play. Our friendly drivers can take you right to the many food festivals which are held in the city.  
Useful Features 
Our buses are equipped with separate storage compartments for your luggage. This makes it convenient for you to carry suitcases and sports equipment when you need to catch a flight to another part of the United Kingdom. A PA system makes communication with members of your business team or community group easy. Teachers can easily share educational DVDs about places of interest using our audio visual system. 
Safety is a major concern for us. This is why all of our routes are planned carefully before the date of your trip. This helps to ensure that we can avoid traffic jams and get you to your destination on time. Our buses are fitted with seat belts and each seat is ergonomically designed to relieve pressure on your back during your journey. 
Kings Cross Festivals 
The Real Food Christmas Market is a must for people who enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables. Have a picnic in one of the many beautifully maintained parks or try your hand at new sports. In addition to festivals, Kings cross has attractions which will suit people who love the outdoors and the theatre. These include: 
The Railway Children 
Pancras Leisure Centre 
The Sports Pitch 
Our minibus hire can help with your travel arrangements for all sorts of nights out or day trips. Our rates are affordable and we ensure that you feel comfortable throughout your trip. Call our minibus hire in Kings Cross today for assistance with planning your trip or visit us online.