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Kings Cross Airport Minibus Hire 

Your arrival and stay in Kings Cross will be made easier with one of our airport minibus hire packages. By knowing your flight schedule beforehand, we are able to organise a Mercedes 16 seater or a Ford Transit to pick you up immediately you arrive. Additionally, we can provide a driver as well to be your chauffer for the time you will be staying in Kings Cross. 
Kings Cross is an inner city town and was heavily laced with prostitution and corruption. Nonetheless, the Council of London took the necessary step to clean up the Kings Cross streets and groom the town to what it is today. Not only is Kings Cross a lifeline to London in terms of transport, it also houses some interesting and fun attractions for tourists. 
Things to do in Kings Cross 
The town is quite relaxed and many of its attractions can be explored by an entire family. In case you are looking for minibus hire in Kings Cross, we are more than glad to provide one for your full family. With your transport settled, you can easily access and enjoy these attractions. 
Granary Square 
This is a public square and you better have your swim suit ready before the fun begins. What make Granary Square unique are the choreographed fountains spouting from over 1080 water holes on the ground. During the day, you can bring your entire family to splash around the water coming from the spouts. After 8pm the square is closed for the day, but the fountains now become lit with different colours creating the most spectacular scene you can imagine.  
The London Canal Museum  
This was a former ice-cream warehouse which got refurbished into a full time museum. Inside is a lot of historical information; the early inhabitants of Kings Cross, all sorts of trade that happened since the medieval tile, the kind of water vessels used and even the wildlife in the region. An added treat is the exhibit of Carlo Gatti’s ice cream business that happened in the same museum when it was once a warehouse. 
The Wellcome Building  

In this building is all the medical paraphernalia used by the famous 19th century physician, Sir Henry Welcome. Tourists who have been there say many of the artefacts are quite grim, like the display of used up guillotines or the toothbrush once used by Napoleon. You will even find ivory carvings of pregnant women and other items that may make you question the doctor’s sanity back then. Other than that, there is also a nice collection of modern art located in a different and smaller room.  
Events in Kings Cross 
1) Vieux FarkaToure Concert, Kings Place, Kings Cross (27th Jan 2016) 
2) The Covent Garden Comedy Club, Heaven, Kings Cross (29th Jan 2016) 
3) Hogwarts in the Snow, The Warner Bros Studio, Kings Cross (31st Jan 2016) 
4) Big Ups Punk Concert, The Lexington, Kings Cross (30th Mar 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Whenever you need minibus hire in Kings Cross, you can count on us to deliver exactly what you ask for. Kings Cross minibus hire own several fleets with Volvos, Mercedes buses and Ford vans. No matter how big the capacity we are comfortable our airport minibus hire vehicles will ferry everyone comfortably to their desired destination.